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16-Channel Fusion NVR System with 4K (8MP) IP Cameras (N4K3-1610BB-1)
16-Channel Fusion NVR System with 4K (8MP) IP Cameras (N4K3-1610BB-1) 16-Channel Fusion NVR System with 4K (8MP) IP Cameras (N4K3-1610BB-1)16-Channel Fusion NVR System with 4K (8MP) IP Cameras (N4K3-1610BB-1)16-Channel Fusion NVR System with 4K (8MP) IP Cameras (N4K3-1610BB-1)16-Channel Fusion NVR System with 4K (8MP) IP Cameras (N4K3-1610BB-1)16-Channel Fusion NVR System with 4K (8MP) IP Cameras (N4K3-1610BB-1)16-Channel Fusion NVR System with 4K (8MP) IP Cameras (N4K3-1610BB-1)16-Channel Fusion NVR System with 4K (8MP) IP Cameras (N4K3-1610BB-1)16-Channel Fusion NVR System with 4K (8MP) IP Cameras (N4K3-1610BB-1)16-Channel Fusion NVR System with 4K (8MP) IP Cameras (N4K3-1610BB-1)16-Channel Fusion NVR System with 4K (8MP) IP Cameras (N4K3-1610BB-1)16-Channel Fusion NVR System with 4K (8MP) IP Cameras (N4K3-1610BB-1)16-Channel Fusion NVR System with 4K (8MP) IP Cameras (N4K3-1610BB-1)16-Channel Fusion NVR System with 4K (8MP) IP Cameras (N4K3-1610BB-1)16-Channel Fusion NVR System with 4K (8MP) IP Cameras (N4K3-1610BB-1)

16-Channel Fusion NVR System with 4K (8MP) IP Cameras (N4K3-1610BB-1)


Price: $ 1 200


With industry-leading 4K (8 megapixel) resolution, this security camera system will bring a whole new level of detail to your security monitoring. It includes a 16-channel Network Video Recorder (NVR) and 4K bullet security cameras with Color Night Vision. The NVR is also part of the Lorex Fusionв„ў collection, which means that you can add up to two Wi-Fi devices to open channels, as well as accessory alarm sensors. So whether you are looking to protect your home, small business or commercial property, this powerful security camera system will help you secure the things that matter most.

4K Ultra HD NVR System



4K NVR can support up to 16 cameras



4Г— the resolution of HD 1080p



Maximum nightvision range



Maximum Capacity 2 Г— 8TB hard drives

Expand your system with the Fusion Collection

The Lorex Fusion Collection is a set of Network Video Records (NVRs) and Wi-Fi devices that are united by our Lorex Home App. Working together, the NVR can essentially "fuse" together Wired and Wi-Fi systems!

Network Video Recorders

Wi-Fi Devices

Lorex Home App

For more information, please visit our Fusion Collection Guide.

Experience the 4K difference

Thanks to the camera's powerful 8MP image sensor, you'll experience the difference that 4K resolution makes when it comes to your security. 4K means there are more than 8 million pixels, and that results in sharper video and higher quality digital zooms to capture the details you need.

See in color through the night

This camera features our revolutionary Color Night Visionв„ў (CNV) technology, which will produce full-color video with the help of external lighting around the camera. CNV also adds a further level of detail (the color of clothes or cars, for example), and increases contrast for easier detection and recognition of people and objects.

Long-range IR night vision

In regular nighttime conditions that are too dark for CNV to render full-color images, this camera will use it's infrared LEDs to record crisp black and white video footage up to 130ft (40m) away and up to 90ft (27m) in complete darkness.

Weatherproof security camera

Mother Nature is no match for this security camera. Rated IP67, it can endure anything from torrential downpours to freezing snowstorms. So go ahead and place this security camera where you need it most.

140В°F | 60В°C

Heat Rating

-22В°F | -30В°C

Cold Rating


Water Rating

Remote viewing from your mobile with Lorex Homeв„ў

This NVR is designed for use with our innovative Lorex Homeв„ў app. Using this app, you can quickly view your security system remotely and control camera features from your smartphone. The app will also send you motion-activated push notifications straight to your phone to keep you connected to your property at all times.

Works With

Apple iPhone

Apple iPad

Android Phone

Android Tablet

Apple TV

Apple iPhone

Apple iPad

Android Phone

Android Tablet

Apple TV

Add A Sensor Kit!

The Lorex Sensor Hub also uses the Lorex Home App, allowing you to seamlessly integrate Add-On Sensors into your home security.


Instant Alerts

Sensor Linking*

Learn More

*Link individual sensors to another Wi-Fi camera connected to the Lorex Home App. N842, N843, N844, N862, N863, D861, D862, D871 Series recorders also support sensor linking to a wired camera through the Lorex Home App. Lorex Sensor Hub Compatibility

Smart home compatibility

Get faster access to your security system by connecting it to your other Smart Home devices. Use simple voice commands to activate camera features with Amazon Alexaв„ў and Google Assistantв„ў. Use it with Chromecast or Firestick to monitor your security camera footage on a larger screen. Or download the Lorex Home app on your Apple TV* to view live video in single or multiple feeds. For more information about current smart home integrations, visit our Smart Home Guide.

*Requires Gen 4 or newer Apple TV with support for App Store

Easy PoE installation

Each security camera only needs a single Cat5e ethernet cable to connect it to the NVR. This cable provides video transmission, power to the camera, a stable network connection, and installation flexibility up to 300ft (as the camera does not need to be plugged into a nearby power source).

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How to Install Security Cameras


Understanding 2K and 4K Security Cameras


Understanding PoE Technology

H.265 / HEVC encoding

This system is equipped with High-Efficiency Video Encoding (HEVC) or H.265 video compression. This encoding technology efficiently compresses file sizes. In fact, it can compress file sizes up to 50% more than files using the previous encoding technology (H.264), without any noticeable degradation in quality. HEVC encoding will also save you plenty of bandwidth while watching live or recorded video remotely.

Area search

Find what you are looking for quickly with Lorex's Area Search. Select an area of interest and automatically playback any video footage showing scene changes in that area. Ideal for doorways, drive ways, etc.

Reliable security grade hard drive with no hidden storage fees

Included in the NVR is a built-in security-grade hard drive that has been designed to meet the demands of 24/7 surveillance recording. With the possibility of increasing storage space up to 8TB, there is more than enough room to safely store all motion events that only you can access.

Two storage bays

This NVR comes with two separate hard drive bays. Each of which can be upgraded with a hard drive up to 8TB, giving you the potential for a total of 16TB's of storage space. You can also use the second hard drive to record videos in parallel with the primary hard drive. This way, the footage is automatically backed up if the recording hard drive fails.

What's Included?



Record and view video in up to 4K (8MP) Ultra HD Resolution on all cameras1

View live footage in up to 15fps and digitally zoom in on distant objects for better clarity2

Reduce unnecessary alerts and false alarms with Smart Motion Detection3

Get push notifications when motion from a person or vehicle is detected4

A choice of four different siren sounds are available including a Police siren or a house alarm sound5

Use Smart Search to filter motion events for reviewing footage quickly and easily

Set up to 3 areas to keep track of items left behind or removed, such as packages or other items of value. Auto-voice messages can be activated when an event takes place.

Quickly access your live footage with simple voice commands (compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant)6

View live or recorded video directly on your TV with smart home compatibility (Compatible with: Apple TV and Chromecast)

2 bay hard drive with up to 2 x 8TB of storage space with no hidden monthly fees

Local built-in security-grade hard drive

Heavy-duty hard drive designed for advanced processing and the workload of 24/7 monitoring

For improved security simply use the Lorex Home app to set a notification for when someone enters your business without a proper face mask

The voice prompt is another benefit that can be used to alert and remind non-mask wearers: "Please wear your face mask"

Expand your system with up to two Lorex Fusion™ compatible Wi-Fi products such as Wi-Fi cameras, Doorbells, Floodlights, and more7

Stream and record continuous video from your Wi-Fi cameras on your recorder with Lorex Fusion™

Increase the limited Wi-Fi SD-Card storage capacity of pair cameras by taking advantage of recording directly to the NVRs built-in HDD

Each N863A63B Includes:

1 x NVR

1 x AC power adapter

1 x USB mouse

1 x Ethernet cable

1 x HDMI cable

Quick start guides

4K (8MP) IP cameras are required to take advantage of 4K recording.

Recording time may vary based on recording resolution and quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.

Accuracy of Smart Motion Detection will be influenced by multiple factors, such as the object's distance from the camera, the size of the object, and the height and angle of the camera. Night vision will also impact the accuracy of detection. Compatible with certain Lorex IP cameras only.

Accessing your security system remotely requires a high-speed Internet connection. Ensure your NVR has a wired connection to a router (not included). A minimum upload speed of 5Mbps is recommended for reasonable video performance. Up to 3 devices may connect to the system at the same time. For the latest list of supported apps and devices, please visit secureonyoustore.com/compatibility

Compatible with certain Lorex IP and select wireless cameras only. For a list of compatible cameras please visit secureonyoustore.com/compatibility

Controlling certain features in your security system requires a compatible smart device. Availability and performance of certain features and services are smart device dependent and may not be available in all areas or networks. For compatibility, features, and instructions visitsecureonyoustore.com/smarthome

Fusion™ capabilities are limited to 2 wireless devices per system. Wireless devices require an available channel on the NVR as well as a sufficient signal strength between the device(s) and your Wi-Fi router for video streaming. For full details on Wi-Fi cameras compatibility and instructions, visit secureonyoustore.com/pages/fusion

HDMI output supports 4K HD for high definition multi-channel live or recorded video viewing. Image quality and resolution is dependent on the type of camera connected to the NVR, as well as TV/monitor resolution.

NVR has a total PoE power output of 130w. Different IP cameras have different wattage specifications. Please double check your camera specifications for power consumption (Wattage) requirements in order to not exceed the NVRs power output availability of the recorder when adding cameras. To learn more, please visit secureonyoustore.com/compatibility

Bullet Camera


4K (8MP) Ultra HD, ensuring clear and detailed footage, every time1

See more with a wide-angle 105o field of view

HDR (High Dynamic Range) provides improved video clarity in high-contrast lighting, revealing details in extremely bright and darks areas of the footage

Weatherproof rated (IP67)2

Operates in temperatures as low as -22oF (-30oC) and high as 140oF (60oC)

Aluminum Alloy housing, designed to withstand harsh weather conditions

Experience enhanced nighttime clarity and better video evidence with Color Night Vision™ (ambient lighting required)3

Up to 130ft (40m) IR night vision in low light and 90ft (27m) in total darkness4

Each E841CAB/E841CA-E Includes:

1 x 4K IP Security Camera

1 x Mounting Kit

1 x 100ft Cat5e Cable

1 x Quick Start Guides

Compatible with select Lorex Series NVRs. For a list of compatible recorders, please visit lorex.com/compatibility

Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered location recommended.

Color nighttime video typically switches to black & white IR night vision when there is not sufficient ambient light to ensure optimal low-light image quality.

Stated IR illumination range is based on ideal conditions in typical outdoor nighttime ambient lighting (up to 90ft/27m in total darkness). Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection/absorption.

Product Support

N863B Series - 4K 16-Channel Fusion NVR

Apps / Software

Manuals / Downloads

Support Articles

Support Videos

E841CA Series - 4K IP Camera

Manuals / Downloads

Support Articles

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Price: $ 1 200
Sales department working hours:
Mon-Sun from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.
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